Pac Fair to the Pines…

Hey folks, hope you’re all getting your thing done. Thought I’d drop a quick line to explain the ‘Now Playing’ image on the left. Every week or so, it will link to a different dope & interesting project that you may not come across in your day-to-day. Basically, I’m lucky enough to know a bunch of homies that make dope & interesting music, & therefore know a lot of other people who are making dope & interesting music etc.

The first one is a collab between Gold Coast gods Syntax & Mules, called Death Stars. Shit is an awesome mix of sci-fi, VHS movie culture & slamming East Coast-style beats. Click the image to peep the goodness (did I mention that it’s FREE as well?).

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Cheers, MD.


What’s good, people?

Welcome to my new blog. I’ve been meaning to set up a centralised internet home for all my crap for a minute and well, here it is.

You can buy beats & albums & clothing, listen to new exclusive music, watch videos, stream cuts from my past releases, & generally keep up on what’s going on in my smoky musical world.

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Cheers, MD.