SoundCloud v2.0, muhfuggers!

Hey people, hope your hustles have been lucrative.

Thought I’d post today regarding my SoundCloud page. Up until today, I’ve been using that page to sell beats to rappers/singers, & it’s been going well – they’ve got a nice clean interface, & apart from the comment pop-ups getting a little annoying on tracks where heaps of people have had their say, it’s a pretty flawless way for people to stream music & allow downloads.

However, I’m looking at moving towards my own website, with pretty much all my content hosted by myself (this blog is a template/trial run of that process), & using Bandcamp & its embed-able widgets to sell my downloadable releases. This will not only simplify thing for myself AND you guys, but it will also lessen the need for me to use SoundCloud as a major part of my web presence (fucking douche-y term that is).

So from now on, my SoundCloud page will be a home for sneak previews of tracks, & odd little rarities for people to listen to & eventually download. There’s currently a few random pieces up there for streaming, so check it out if you get a second.

For more news, exclusive music & other good shit, make sure you subscribe to the blog &/or RSS Feed, & if you’ve got a second, follow me on Facebook & Twitter.

Cheers, MD.


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