MD/Tape Death Sample Packs…

Hey there, fellow music makers. As you may or may not know, I’m part of a producer label/collective called Tape Death, which consists of Hyphae, Ilz, Megatroid, Zarkov & myself.

Following our remix EP of Zarkov’s work with Jackie Onassis, I’m stoked to release the first of 4 One-Shot Sample Packs, as a prelude to my next internet album, called Des Chansons Sur Les Filles.

These packs contain single note sounds from a variety of solo instruments either played or recorded/sampled by me in my lab, then grouped into 4 categories (Brass, Woodwind, Rhythm Section, & Drums & Percussion).

The Brass sample pack can be downloaded HERE, or by clicking the thumbnail at the top of the post. Thanks to Meg for uploading the goods.

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Cheers, MD.


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