New exclusive verse – for no reason at all…

Hey fam, hope you’re the rooster & not the feather duster today.

The other day I found an old verse from 2009, & I thought it was pretty good, so I recorded it over an old Dilla beat, & decided to whack it up here for y’all to listen to.

It’s called The Look Of Love (Gone Wrong), & it’s all about sadface love stuff. If you’re not into hearing tracks about that sort of thing, don’t waste your time listening to it & then having a cry about how it’s not to your taste, because that just makes you look like a whiny bitch that can’t handle the idea that other people’s tastes differ from yours.

If you are into hearing tracks about that sort of thing, then I recommend you listen repeatedly, so as to not only satisfy your tastes, but also increase my net statistics for when I do business dealings with people who claim to be musical, yet only understand music when it’s contextualised in completely non-musical terms.

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Cheers, MD.

MD – The Look of Love (Gone Wrong)