The Economy Evolves…

Hey peoples, hope you’re staying on top of things. Just a quick one today, as I’m up to my neck in work that piled up while I was in QLD with my homie Dunn D. We were lucky enough to play at Sprung festival, & spent a hammered week catching up with old & new friends.

Speaking of work piling up, I’ve been lucky enough to be getting more & more enquiries from people of late for musical work, & it means that I’m one step closer to being able to make a decent living of this grind. As a result of the increased workload & the need to upgrade the studio as a result, I’ve decided to up my fee from $100 to $150, starting immediately (anyone who has contacted me before today will still get that work for $100). It’s still mad affordable, & you will get a broadcast-quality product EVERY time (a lot of cats around can chop a loop off a record, but have no idea how to track, sequence, mix or master properly), no matter what style you’re rocking, so make sure you hit me up for your next project.

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Cheers, MD.


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