Reason – Window of Time…

Hey all, hope the debt collectors have no need to know your name. It’s been a minute since I last posted up here; partly because I didn’t want to dribble a bunch of shit without any tunes to back it up, & mainly because I haven’t been able to show you any of the tings I’ve been doing. Now I can…

Recently, my big homie Reason dropped the final chapter in his illustrious 20+ year career, an LP called Window of Time. I was honoured to get to spit a verse on there, as well as produce 3 tracks, record &/or mix 2 others, & master the whole ting.

Considering that Reason is one of the main reasons (excuse the pun) that I even have an opportunity to make a living off hip-hop in Australia, I have to give the man a million thanks, not only for the opportunity to work with him on this piece of hip-hop history, but for opening the door to heads like myself to continue the legacy. Big ups, Rea.

Check out the official sampler below, & as always, make sure you subscribe to the blog &/or RSS Feed, & if you’ve got a second, follow me on Facebook & Twitter.

Cheers, MD.