What I got up to over summer…

Hey y’all,

Hope the 5-0 has no reason to know your business, & you’ve got somewhere to stay that’s out of the cold.

Firstly, my apologies for not updating this site – TBH, I didn’t think that anybody really cared about this site beyond the ‘Beats for Sale’ ish. However, I’ve had a few peeps of late tell me that I should step my blog game up, so I’m back on my type for a second.

Since my last post, I kicked my work rate up a notch. I produced a couple beats on my homie Seven‘s latest EP ‘Floated’, as well as mixing & mastering it. I did some post-production work & mastered the Mr Hill & Rahjconkas LP ‘The Feedback’, & Vegas Aces‘ latest EP ‘The Departure’. I produced a couple beats, played some instruments & dropped a guest verse on my homie Drakezilla‘s LP ‘Redhead Redemption’, & dropped a radio single with the god Syntax. Most recently, I produced the first single for my ADL bro K21, ‘Won’t Stop‘.

Apart from that work with other cats (& plenty more which I can’t mention yet), I dropped a solo instrumental EP (‘Electric Sky’) & crew LP (‘DFTC x Tape Death’, a remix LP of Down For The Count Records‘ self-titled LP) with my brethren Tape Death, as well as a solo rap EP called ’88 1/2′.

I’ve also been re-stocking my ‘Beats for Sale’ cupboard up, with 20 new joints hitting the shelves a couple of days ago.

Anyway, that’s what’s up for the last 5 months. I’ll be sure to keep this ting updated much more regularly now, so keep checking for new ish.

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Cheers, MD.