MD – Limits

Hey y’all,

Hope the feet are up & the belly’s full. Just a quick one this time, to spread the word about my new EP via my brothers over at Tape Death, called Limits.

On Monday just gone, I decided to impose some limits on myself for the day’s beatmaking (every now & then, I’ll do the whole ‘limits’ ting, just to challenge myself, & come up with some new techniques that I may not have otherwise).

The limits were that I could only use one sample per song – no extra drums or bass; that I could only use 8 tracks in my DAW max per song (bounce-downs allowed); & that I couldn’t spend any more than 45 minutes on a track, from conception to final mix/master.

Out of the 20-odd efforts, I ended up with 15 that I thought were listenable, so I thought I’d make them my next TD offering. It’s available over at the Tape Death Bandcamp page, & I hope you dig at least some of it.


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Cheers, MD.