MD Clothing

It used to be that artists made their money from LP sales, & merch & live shows were gifts for the fans. Now – thanks to the internet 😉 – the music is the free gift, & artists make their living off shows & merch sales.

You’ve probably already guessed that I’m trying to guilt you into buying my shit, but if you like good quality shirts printed & delivered to your door for the same price as going to a shop (T-shirts for $30, hoodies for $50), then check my stuff out.

All items available are printed on American Apparel blanks, & can be made up as guys & girls’ T-shirts (crew neck for my homies & v-neck for my hipsters) & hoodies. They’re not as skinny as they look in the pics, either…fans of the baggy shit can relax.

Once you’ve picked a design (click on any picture to enlarge), click the ‘Buy Now’ link – or HERE – to visit the clothing store, where you can customize the garment type, size & colour of all items.

Contact me HERE if you’ve got any questions or problems.


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